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There are favors

and then there are FAVORS.

13 November 1987
Hey there, thank you for stumbling across my livejournal! You can call me Ryna, I'm 22 years old and live in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. I like music, drawing, writing, all dancing though I'm currently studying belly dancing, and slash (mainly HP). I have other interests too but theres too many to list. I also go to Photography school. This journal is mainly used for my life rantings (which there are plenty of lol) and my stories (see disclaimer below) and most of the entries are friends-locked but I LOVE adding new people, so if you'd like to be friends please add me and comment on some post and I'll add you back. Enjoy!

Ps. If you would like to see any of her photos they are posted here: http://rynalinonyx.deviantart.com/. Some are nudes and you will have to join to see them. Please tell me what you think :) Thank you!

Also, If you're strictly looking for my writings and skipping all my personal stuff, I've recently created a story-only journal here: chocolate_onyx.

WARNING!!!! There will be GAY fanfiction NC-17 stories on this journal (mainly Harry Potter, Twilight and Hanson)! I'm warning everyone now, if you don't know/don't want to know what slash is or are too young/squimish to be reading explict things, please leave now!

AND THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH TO aiken_4graphics for the Mood Theme :DDD


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Date Created:2004-7-21
Number of Posts: 289

Ryna is 22. She currently in beautiful Santa Barbara, California and goes to Photography school. She is a certified massage therapist, but also works as a hostess or a server. She LOVES belly dancing, writing, reading, and her cat. Shes an internet junkie and should probably get off and do her homework sometimes. She sometimes feels out of place and incredibly hectic but always tries to remain happy and confident.
Strengths: Ryna is friendly and outgoing. She likes to try most new things and meet new people. She's good at school and procrastinating! She considers herself a good writer and photographer.
Weaknesses: She can stuck in her own ways sometimes. Though always open-minded believing that "if thats what you want to do - do it" sometimes she'll miss out on something because she doesn't have the courage to try it herself. Also, sometimes, Ryna can be very hard on herself.
Special Skills: She's good at photography, writing, dancing and giving massages.
Weapons: She can dance with a cane or a sword on her head - don't mess with that shit.

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